Brand-Name Cigarettes & Tobacco

Nothing beats a smooth drag from your favorite brands of cigarettes and cigars. As a full-service tobacco shop, Troy Beverage & Tobacco in Troy, New York, has everything you need to smoke.

The Best Brands

Instead of breaking the bank just for your preferred cigarettes or cigars, save big bucks when you come to us. Our shop carries a large selection of top-quality brands at budget-friendly prices.

Cigarettes are available in packs and cartons, while cigars are available in tubes. Lighters and matches are also available for purchase.

Roll Your Own Tobacco

♦ Farmers Gold
♦ Rio
♦ Southern Steel
♦ Criss-Cross
♦ Zen
♦ Tubes
♦ Texas Rollem


♦ Marlboro
♦ Kool
♦ Newport
♦ USA Gold
♦ Parliament
♦ Camel
♦ Winston
♦ Carlton
♦ Old Gold
♦ Salem
♦ Sonoma